Creating Value for Generations


Lindenstone is an independent investment firm that aims to create value for generations. We target growth through private investments across sectors and asset classes.  


We stand for long-term sustainable growth, developed on a solid foundation. While our company is new, we have honed our beliefs, expertise and investment principles for more than seven decades, prior to our spin-off. We build on the successes and collective wisdom of our diverse team and thrive on future possibilities and lasting partnerships.


The Hanseatic City of Hamburg is our birthplace, our home and our inspiration: An ancient port and trading hub that is a gateway to the world, giving us a global perspective.


Private Wealth Invested with Institutional Discipline


Working with leading players in the industry, we are active in private equity and credit.


We are a dedicated and independent investment partner focused on delivering long-term financial performance through our institutional approach - in accordance with our values. 


At Lindenstone, we focus on building and growing an endowment-style financial investment portfolio. Based on a sophisticated investment strategy, we continuously develop our global, multi-asset-class portfolio with an emphasis on private markets. 



LINDENSTONE - Creating Value for Generations.


Lindenstone AG

Koreastraße 7
20457 Hamburg